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About Us

San Dieguito Synchro (SGS) was founded in 2004 to give young athletes the opportunity to enjoy the beautiful sport of artistic swimming.


San Dieguito Synchro artistic swimming club is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization committed to help all athletes achieve their goals through a positive learning environment fostering educational excellence, confidence, diversity, and respect. 


San Dieguito Synchro has a long proud tradition as North San Diego County's premier Artistic Swimming Club and is a member of the San Diego Imperial Association and USA Artistic Swimming. 

Our Mission
Our Values

Make A Difference

Be Dedicated

Share My   Passion

Show Respect

Have Fun

San Dieguito Synchro wants to bring attention to Artistic Swimming to help showcase the abilities our althletes develop. Our mission is to inspire the minds of others while teaching them to not only be physically trained, but to teach life lessons such as building bonds and strengthening self-confidence.


By leveraging and promoting the sport of Artistic Swimming, we help our athletes foster strong minds, nurture physical and mental health, and cultivate dedication and ambition both on our team and in our society's youth.


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